Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lights, Cameras... wait, where are the cameras?

I haven't worked with high end cameras in a while so when I started researching again lately I was immediately impressed with the technology in the market these days. I was also a little staggered by the price tags!

I found a lot of cameras that use solid state memory cartridges now. They look like PCMCIA cards and are probably built on the same chassis. You can see a selection of the P2 cameras here. I think that's the direction we're heading for our first road kit.

They also have nifty gadgets that allow you to easily transfer all your video off the cartridges to your NLE which is a major concern for us. We're going to have crews out roaming the land, going from shoot to shoot capturing the best lives shows in the country for our subscribers. It's going to be important for them to get their footage back to our main base as quickly as possible but equally important for them to make backups of the footage in case it gets lost on the way back! I sure hope they don't get lost though, because they cost $1600 a piece!

It's going to be an interesting challenge, getting all that HD footage back to the bunker, edited, cleaned up and up on the website ASAP for our subscribers to re-live!
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